zoning jungleland Sentul Nirwana




Jungleland Phase 1 (Mid June 2012)
  • Jungle Parade
    Welcome to Jungleland Theme Park, you will be surprised by the lively atmosphere of the forest in JungleParade welcome. You will be treated to a parade of attractions and knick-knacks are all attractive forest. Meet a variety of forest animals piled high into the tower parade, dancing and singing. Lined with lively shops of the world the concept of forest animals. There is also a night market (night market), sells a variety of quality souvenirs made by the craftsmen of Indonesia. 
  • Jungle ExploraThis is the place to learn many things about nature and the forest in many ways and exciting rides. Top Stories CURRENCY CONVERTER …. Quiet! Green Giant’s Rangers were sleeping … This is Indonesia’s largest gallery of anatomy! You want to know everything about the human body? let’s go. After that let us recognize the valuable treasures buried in the archipelago History Gallery ‘Historia Jayawana’. Do not get too far, there is the Gallery Shells “Shells Mas’ in which we explore the wealth of sea shells, Indonesia and Insectarium, ‘Beetle Charm’ with a collection of insects that are very unique archipelago. This is where we will be enriched with interesting facts and knowledge.
  • Jungle Tropicalia
    Welcome to the Food Landscape first in Indonesia, JungleTropicalia! You will be greeted with a landscape fabric vegetables and fruits each other with giant farrago create the feel of an amazing blend! A variety of rides and play area like the shape of the plant together with the forest became a place to play and have fun at Integrated Playground’. Dance with the fruit in Fruitty Swing, ”. How happy in Jungle Tropicalia!
  • Jungle Misteria
    A magical and mystical world of the forest,you will meet the challenge of exploring this zone of mystery. Getting lost for a moment into the world of all-odd and intriguing but definitely weird fun.


PT. DUTA PRO Tbk, (Property & kontraktor)
Plaza Victoria Blok B no.01 Sentul City Bogor 16810.
Telp : 021-87953067     Fax :  021-87953076
Hp    :  085691629395    Pin  :   27510FD6
E-mail  :  pt.dutapro@yahoo.co.id

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