Sentul nirwana

Sentul Nirwana

Sentul Nirwana is a new township project  located in Jonggol, Sentul, West Java, with some 12,000 ha’s of available landbank , the biggest in Indonesia. The first phase  of the development  is some 600Ha.  Officially launched back in July 2011, Sentul Nirwana has successfuly launched  3 housing clusters since its opening: The Breeze (133 High density cluster houses) already 100% sold out during first three months from  launching in 2011; The Atmosphere (233 Medium density cluster housing), and 75% sold as of March 2012. The latest cluster launched in February 2012 is The Wind (122 High density cluster houses) of which  35% have been sold. Sentul Nirwana also offers “Kanto (Kantor Toko – Ruko)” along Jungleland Avenue; Stage I- 58 units sold out with another 39 being released April 2012.

One of the main attractions for the first phase  of Sentul Nirwana area will be the Jungleland Adventure Theme park, planned to be operated mid 2012 and will be the biggest Theme park in South East Asia, with a total development area of 40 Ha. Eith 5 zones of the 8 being operational this year, Jungleland will be Indonesia’s latest alternative for family recreation. Backed by International management, it will truly be a destination for many locals and visitors.

Sentul Nirwana is positioned as Indonesia’s biggest township  that will integrate a number of theme parks, hotels and resorts, golf courses, commercial areas, office suites and multi use buildings, as well as a residential infrastructure that will support up to 1 million households and ensure a total self sufficient self sufficient city in the forest.


PT. DUTA PRO Tbk, (Property & kontraktor)
Plaza Victoria Blok B no.01 Sentul City Bogor 16810.
Telp : 021-87953067     Fax :  021-87953076
Hp    :  085691629395    Pin  :   27510FD6
E-mail  :

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