Sentul city Donasikan 4000m2 untuk pembangunan masjid

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PT. Sentul City Tbk as the developer of the Sentul City, Bogor together with Bogor Municipal Government donated 4000M2 of land for the construction of religious facilities, Great Mosque of Sentul City to its citizens through Sentul City Moslem Foundation on Saturday April 21, 2012. 

Mr. H. Bashir Ahmad Barmawi as the representative of PT Sentul City Tbk and Chairman of Sentul City Moslem Foundation Mr. Mochtar Chodlory, the hand over was perform symbolically during the groundbreaking ceremony on site of the great mosque. On this occasion also present, Bogor Regent Drs. H. Rachmat Yasin MM, relevant officials, prominent scholars, community leaders and citizens of Sentul City.

Mr. H. Bashir Ahmad Barmawi annotate that the land submission has long been planned by PT Sentul City Tbk for the purposes of providing additional facilities to the society. “Therefore the residents of Sentul City, both residents or tenants and even visitors can make Sentul City as the first choice for a quality area with complete facilities and of course to maintain the natural beauty and a healthier life.”

He also hopes the establishment of the mosque will encourage new leader for the sake of the nation and religion, especially for Bogor Municipal.

In Accordance to the statement of Mr. H. Bashir Ahmad Barmawi, according to Mr Mochtar Chodlory, Sentul City Great Mosque is to be built hand in hand with the citizens. He added, “I think this mosque has an important meaning and benefits to us as citizens of Sentul City, whereas a mutual understanding that the mosque is not only as worship facility for Moslems but it is also a place of deliberation to resolve various problems for the Moslems, forming the moral and character of the people who love peace, personal growth and personal benefit.”

He also hoped that the mosque will be able to mark the growth of the primary outlook of the Muslims with the tolerance of different ethnic, religious and races in order to reach the welfare of all.

Mr. Drs. H. Rachmat Yasin MM, Bogor Regent, which is also present to expresses his appreciation to PT.Sentul City Tbk which has donated 4000M2  of land also expressed his admiration for Sentul City as the most eco-friendly residential area in Bogor Regency.

“The mosque is hopefully to be an icon for the Sentul City and Bogor Regency as well as providing wider benefits for the citizens of Sentul City,” he said, adding that  Bogor regency government is committed to make regular improvements in accordance to the budget that has been provided.

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