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Sentul City is a satellite town located in Sub Province of Bogor which started to be developed in 1993 covering with 3.100 hectares. The objective is to make Sentul City the largest and exclusive Urban Development Project in the South of Jakarta.

At the average height of 300 M above the sea surface, Sentul City is a green area with 65% is green area. Besides flood free, Sentul City has clean and healthy environment quality. Such topography will value higher, other than cool air temperature, it is also free from flooding, hence, the development of residential units an other facilities is assured. In addition, there is also potential development of recreational aspects which create more added value.

Repositioning launched in 2009 with the concept The City of ennovation with 4(four) pillars of development has also shown significant progress. The four pillars of development are as follows:
  • Eco-City, city development to ensure harmony with the surrounding locations with the surroundings locations with the concept Green Property.
  • Education & Knowledge City  or  development of formal and non-formal facility development for public purposes. These education facilities start from Play Group to Higher Schools.
  • Entertainment & Destination City, development of resorts and integrated commercial estates, including the accomodation function designed as destination resort and international-scale city facilities.
  • Art & Culture City, development of art and cultural aspects through provision of facilities and infrastructures for cultural exhibition and traditional places.

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