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Bus Terminal

This bus stop area enables Sentul City residents and visitors to take public transportation and to ease trips to Jakarta and Bogor and Vice versa. The bus features reclining seating and has been in operation since 1997. For transportation within Sentul Area the Company provides regular mini van transportation.


Since 2005, the Company has reorganized the management of security. The purpose is to increase the level of security to provide 24 hours protections.

Public Transportation

Public transportation available for employees and residents of Sentul City includes reclining seat full AC bus. Serving Sentul City – Jakarta and Sentul City – Bogor roundtrip roputes.


In Sentul City we have CIMBNIAGA, BCA, MANDIRI, JABAR, BERSAMA ATM. This facilities are separated on Sentul City area.

Pertamina Gas Station

This gas station is equipped with a servce workshop for the benefit of both residents and visitor to Sentul City. This is located on a 1 hectare site and allows residents and visitors to easily fill up their petrol tanks.

Petronas Gas Station

Petronas gas station is equipped with a service workshop, Mini Market, Restaurant, This facility opened for operations in May 2007.

Sentul International Convention Center

This multipurpose building accommodates 12,000 persons and started operation since December 2008. Many activities can be held in this place, including music concert, seminar, and so on.

SICC Office Tower

This 12-floor building with + 7000 area is built since October 2008 and to be operated in 2010.

Info :
Plaza victoria Blok B no.01 Sentul city Bogor 16810.
Tlp : 02187953067 FAX: 021879076
Hp : 085691629395 / 085327884373
Pin BB : 27510FD6
E-mail :


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