Infrastructure & Utilities


Infrastructure & Utilities

Perusahaan Daerah Air Minum

In addition to WTP, Sentul City is supplied from PDAM Bogor via company-invested pipelines with invested value of Rp. 22 billion, having capacity of 200 liter per second.

Water Treatment Plant

Built on an area of 2 hectare with water flow of 80 liter/sec. This WTP is supplied by rainwater and river during rainy season, where the water is accommodated on a 4 hectare reservoir. This treatment plant produces high quality potable water and distributed to each house via gravitational system. 

Sewage Treatment Plant

This Sewage Treatment Plant (STP) is built on area of 14,860 square meter, having capacity of 1,200 M³/day. The STP effluent is made use for garden watering.

Bogor Outer Ring Road

With the operation of toll road for the length of ± 3,8 kilometers which is an alternative way to Sentul City from Bogor or vice versa, so the range from Sentul City to Bogor City will only take ± 5 minutes and expected to start the traffic from and to Sentul City into 23,000 vechiles per day.

Main Boulevard

Sentul City Main Boulevard is designed not only with attention to road hierarchy and quality but also with detail in aesthetic and comfort. With a traffic free and luscious green landscape, Sentul City has been awarded by MURI for its biggest garden (27 acres) on a city main boulevard. This further establishes Sentul City’s position as an Eco City.

Info :
Plaza victoria Blok B No.01 Sentul City bogor 16810.
Tlp         : 02187953067 FAX: 021879076
Hp          : 085691629395 / 085327884373
Pin BB  : 27510FD6
E-mail   :


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