Education & Learning of Sentul City

Taruna Bangsa School
Rhema En Cara
Owned by Yayasan Amal Kasih Foundation, the school is built  on an area of  2,000 m², complete with learning facilities for Kindergarten and Elementary School students.

BPK Penabur
Christianity  school managed by Badan Pendidikan Kristen (Christianity Education Board) Bogor Branch, which is a superior school with very advanced curriculum. Fast growing student within 2 years as of the operation in 2008, so the development can be continued and additional land up to 1 Ha.

International Boarding School Pelita Harapan
Pelita Harapan International Boarding School has built and managed by Pelita Harapan International Boarding School on an area of 10 hectare, commercially operated since 1993. The school includes elementary school until senior high school, adopting Indonesian curriculum with Bahasa Indonesia and English being their media of communication.

Sentul City Islamic Center Complex
It is realization of Sentul City’s commitment to providing Islamic education and religious facilities. Managed by Yayasan Islamic Center Sentul City, it is collaboration among Yayasan Tazkia, Yayasan Daarut Tauhid, Yayasan Fajar Hidayah and PT. Sentul City Tbk.

Fajar Hidayah Islamic School
The School is built on an area of 8,000 m2, consisting  of Elementary School to Junior High School, and it is planned to build Senior  High School. Fajar adopt National plus Curriculum, based on islam.

Info :
TLP : 02187953067 FAX: 021879076
HP : 085691629395 / 085327884373
Pin BB : 27510FD6

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