complet project

Completed Project

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Mountain View
Cluster Mountain View Residential
Marketing Gallery
With the building extent of 2,800 m² upon 1 Ha land, MG commenced operating at early 2010. The Building is functioned as integrated operational office for PT. Sentul City Tbk.
Hilltop Residence
Hilltop Residence Cluster sits on plateu overlooking the Sentul City terrain. Its location offers breathtaking panoramic views which evokes one’s sense of emotion and demands total appreciation of its surroundings.
England Park
England Park
Bukit Golf Hijau
At inital area of the operation, the Company concentrated to middle and upper market segment by developing areas with international nuances, called Bukit Golf Hijau.
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Plaza Niaga 1
This area of shops and residences in the upper level. Hundreds rukos have been built in Sentul City in many sizes and types. The type of Businesses are restaurants, bars, cafes, shops, offices, clinics, drug stores, beauty salons, gym centers, spas and others.
This multipurpose building accommodates 12,000 persons and started operation since December 2008.
Bogor Ring Road
Bogor Ring Road Section I Toll Road of 3.8 km connecting South Sentul – Kedung Halang (Bogor City).
Plaza Niaga 2
Mediteranean Golf 1
Mediteranean Golf 1

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